CD-Audio support, PC Speaker and super optimised for 286+

A new version of Loonies 8192 is out, this has shaped up quite nicely. Thanks to the testers on the Vogons forums, we now have it running smoothly on 286-based, 12 MHz systems, and anything above that just makes it run even smoother!

It now uses double-buffering for some things, Mode Y (that is, unchained 320x200 mode) and most of the tiles can now be blitted at 4x speed (4 planes at once) from an offscreen buffer, this results in good performance improvements on 286 systems, especially when paired with a good VGA card. Also added was a German translation (in addition to the existing English one), which is nice (but brings some other problems like dynamic text scaling). The setup screen is a bit nicer, CD-Audio playback using MSCDEX is a thing, PC Speaker playback is a thing (for those who don't have a sound card handy), and for MIDI a few additional port options (for MPU-401) have been added.

The gameplay is mostly the same, some new block graphics, color schemes and background patterns have been added which you should be able to see in-game. Keyboard handling was also slightly improved, so keeping keys pressed down and releasing them later will do the right thing.


LOON8R44.ZIP 22 kB
Sep 05, 2018

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