Loonies 8192 r67 for PS2, GameCube, Wii and Windows 3.11

You might think that we are slowly running out of platforms to port this game to. But there were still some platforms that Loonies 8192 has not been ported to, so let's fix this with the first update in nearly 2 years: Loonies 8192 r67 is here! This release adds support for 3 (if you count GameCube and Wii as well as Windows 386 and Win32s the same) or 4 (if you count the Windows 3.11-compatible builds as one) or 5 (if you count Win386 for Windows 3.11 and Win32 for Windows 95 as separate)  new platforms. You see it gets tricky here.

Due to laziness on my part, the PS2, Wii and GameCube ports don't have sound output at all in this release. But to make up for this, the Windows 3.11 (Win386) port has OPL-2 output directly via Port I/O (as you would probably be running this on retro hardware or DOSBox), including support for OPL2LPT (just like the DOS build). And if that's not enough, the Win32 build (for Windows 95) adds support for MIDI Mapper (midiOut APIs) on Windows, so any MIDI device that is supported by Windows is automatically supported by the game as well - just pick the MIDI output option in the menu. PC Speaker and CD Audio are not supported in these builds, you can use the DOS build for these.

As an added bonus, and to make it more Windows-like, the Win386 and Win32(s) builds here have a menu bar and the option to double the size of the window ("View" - "Toggle Zoom"). It should be noted that while the game works in 16-color mode, it will look very ugly. In 256-color mode, the game will apply its own palette, so drawing should be relatively fast. It also works in 16-bit and 24-bit color modes, in which case the system takes care of mapping the game's palette to the screen (this is not as fast as 256-color mode, but chances are that it's still fast enough on your 32-bit retro machine).

And that's it, new ports for your retro hardware! All these new ports also support submitting scores to the Global Leaderboards using the proven "scan the displayed QR code on the screen with your phone and open the URL" method, so your retro PC or console doesn't need to be connected to the Internet, as long as you scan the displayed QR code with your phone and open the contained URL. Have fun!


Loonies 8192 r67 for GameCube 241 kB
Jun 01, 2023
Loonies 8192 r67 for PS2 214 kB
Jun 01, 2023
Loonies 8192 r67 for Wii 327 kB
Jun 01, 2023
Loonies 8192 r67 for Windows 3.11 (386) + Win32s 356 kB
Jun 01, 2023

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Very nice! I'm going to have to wait until I get my PS2 setup going, though.

Out of curiosity, why am I seeing almost every major homebrew platform except the Sega Dreamcast? We have a huge homebrew scene, extremely modern tools (GCC13 with C23 and C++23), tons of examples, SDL, OpenGL, Lua, etc...

I'm one of the developers of the KallistiOS SDK, and you should totally check it out. ;)

So far all the ports I've done I've tested on real hardware one way or the other, so the lack of a Dreamcast port is just because I don't have one (getting things to work on emulators is one thing, but that doesn't mean that it will work properly on real hardware). At this point, I'd rather reduce the amount of hardware I have than add to it :)