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A Mini Retro Puzzle for DOS, PSP, 3DS, GBA, PSX, Android, NDS, Win32, N800, N900, N9, PocketCHIP, iOS, macOS, Vita and WebGL

Update 2021-12-23: An enhanced version of this game is available: Loonies (2021)

See the project page at https://thp.io/2018/loonies8192/ for details.

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GBA (Flashcart)

PSX (on a CRT TV)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withSDL
Tags16-bit, 386, adlib, DOS, Homebrew, lumines, opl-2, PSX (PlayStation), vga
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesGerman, English, French
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


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LOONIES8.ZIP -- The original 8192 byte release 8 kB
Sound Pack (High Quality Music Add-On) 11 MB
Loonies 8192 r66 for DOS (16-bit) 78 kB
Loonies 8192 r66 for DOS (32-bit) 261 kB
Loonies 8192 r66 for 3DS 261 kB
Loonies 8192 r66 for Android 4 MB
Loonies 8192 r66 for PocketCHIP 11 MB
Loonies 8192 r66 for N9 11 MB
Loonies 8192 r66 for N800 11 MB
Loonies 8192 r66 for NDS 351 kB
Loonies 8192 r66 for PSP 430 kB
Loonies 8192 r66 for PSX (NTSC) 11 MB
Loonies 8192 r66 for Vita 12 MB
Loonies 8192 r66 for Win32 603 kB
Loonies 8192 r66 for macOS 11 MB
Loonies 8192 r66 for N900 11 MB
Loonies 8192 r66 for GBA (fixed sound) 185 kB

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Very nice! I just bought it and tested out the PocketCHIP version on my PocketCHIP and I have one request. The two colors of the pieces when you start the game on the PocketCHIP version make it nearly unplayable for me due to colorblindness and I can't really tell them apart. It would be great if you could include a colorblind mode option that uses a different color palette with more contrast. Or another option would be like some other game I've played, use different patterns or symbols in the pieces in addition to the colors to differentiate them.  It's a nicely done game and from the screenshots of ports for the different devices it may not be an issue on some of them. Thanks.


Thanks! Yeah, the display on the PocketCHIP isn't that great, but in general it might be nice to have a color blind accessibility feature. Since it's hard to figure out a system that works for red/green and blue/yellow color blindness (the game has lots of auto-generated color "schemes"), maybe a simple "color blind" toggle that will somehow modify the tiles or something could do the trick...

As a quick workaround: In the title screen, you can use the up/down arrows to pick a color scheme. You can use the "Loonies" and "8192" text to sample how the tiles will look like, so you get one that is easily distinguished. Of course, as you progress in the game, the color scheme will change again, but it should make it more enjoyable/usable at the start of the game.


returning to the main menu after a game over on the gba version seems to mess up the audio


Thanks for the report. A fixed version is now uploaded as "Loonies 8192 r66 for GBA (fixed sound)".