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A Mini Retro Puzzle for DOS, PSP, 3DS, GBA and PSX

A simple puzzle game. Initially it fit into just 8 KiB, then grew to 16 KiB and then 23 KiB, then 25 KiB. Now it's a 40 KiB executable for DOS (with an extra 52 KiB datafile), the 3DS version is 468 KiB (previously 242 KiB), the PSP version is 904 KiB (previously 640 KiB) and the new GBA port is 156 KiB for the multiboot (EWRAM, bootable from a GC link cable) version and 316 KiB for the cartridge version (with enhanced backgrounds). The PSX version is ~ 240 KiB for the EXE and ~ 16 MiB for the BIN (includes CDDA).

How to play: There are 2x2-blocks falling down the top, with two different colors. Use LEFT/RIGHT/DOWN to move the block and use UP to rotate it. Use SPACE to drop the block (it will fall fast until it lands).


  • DOS:Start LOON8R62.EXE in the same folder that contains LOONIES8.DAT
  • 3DS: Copy the file to "3ds/Loonies8192/Loonies8192.3dsx" on the SD card, creating folders as necessary (optionally also copy Loonies8192.smdh)
  • PSP: Copy "EBOOT.PBP" and "PARAM.SFO" to PSP/GAME/Loonies8192 on your memory stick, creating folders as necessary (both files are needed)
  • GBA: Load the multiboot ROM using gba-link-cable-rom-sender from a Wii or GameCube, or load the cartridge ROM with a flash cartridge
  • PSX: Burn the CUE/BIN to a CD-R and use it in a modchipped PSX or PS2 or play the image directly in your favorite PSX emulator

For the 3DS, you need to be running the Homebrew Launcher, for the PSP you need to install Custom Firmware (CFW). For DOS, you just need a Retro PC or DOSBox, PCem or similar emulators that emulate a DOS VGA machine. For the GBA, you need a hacked Wii/GameCube, a Gamecube-to-GBA link cable and gba-link-cable-rom-sender or (easier) just a GBA flash cartridge. For the PSX, you need a modchip or perform the disc swap trick.


        DOS     PSP        3DS    GBA    PSX
        ---     ---        ---    ---    ---
 Move   ARROWS  D-PAD      D-PAD  D-PAD  D-PAD
 Drop   SPACE   X (CROSS)  A      A      X (CROSS)

Sound Pack

By default, Loonies 8192 has synthesized sound built in, but it's possible to also use CD-quality audio files. Download the "Loonies 8192 Sound Pack", and put the WAV files on an Audio CD (for DOS) or in the game folders for PSP and 3DS to upgrade your sound experience to fully sampled 16-bit audio! The PSX CUE/BIN already contains CDDA audio (same as the Sound Pack).


There's in-game help now on how to play the game. You can configure the language, soundtrack and difficulty level in the options menu. For DOS, the options menu also allows to choose between PC Speaker, OPL-2, MIDI and CDDA. For the GBA, DMG (GameBoy) sounds are used by default (this is currently the only sound option), for the PSP and 3DS, you can use PC Speaker (beep!) or MIDI (new software-based simple synthesizer) or CD-Audio (if the sound pack is installed). OPL-2 is not emulated/functional on PSP and 3DS for now.


There are now local leaderboards (best 3 highscores) as well as global leaderboards (using QR codes). When you achieve a local high score, you can submit the score online by scanning the QR code with your mobile phone and a QR code reader app (some phones have it built into the camera app).

The leaderboards are available at https://loonies.thp.io/ -- submit your scores :)


In addition to the default English language, Loonies 8192 is now localized into German and French (thanks, Angie!) -- configurable in the options.


GBA (Flashcart)

PSX (on a CRT TV)

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Tags16-bit, 386, adlib, DOS, Homebrew, lumines, opl-2, PSX, vga


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Sound Pack (High Quality Music Add-On) 11 MB
Loonies 8192 r62 for DOS 76 kB
Loonies 8192 r62 for 3DS 258 kB
Loonies 8192 r62 for GBA 179 kB
Loonies 8192 r62 for PSP 428 kB
Loonies 8192 r62 for PSX (NTSC) 11 MB

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