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  This is a simple DOS-based puzzle game,  which initially fit in just 8 KiB but has since grown into a  16 KiB monstrosity, but you do get two totally fresh soundtracks and support for  MIDI  sound devices, plus added support for slower machines such as 286 PCs. Also, this version of Loonies finally features  level progression,  so the game varies in speed/difficulty every time you clear more blocks. How to play: There are 2x2-blocks falling down the top, with two different colors.  Use LEFT/RIGHT/DOWN to move the block and use UP to rotate the block. With SPACE you can drop the block (it will fall fast until it lands).   Your goal is to create 2x2 blocks of the same color.  These will be "marked" by the sweeper (a line that moves from left to right) when it passed the blocks. When the sweeper restarts on the left side, all marked blocks will be removed and you earn points. The HJKL keys can be used as alternative  (vi)  to the arrow keys. Use "S" to switch the soundtrack (the default is "Descent" by Tim Samoff <samoff.com>, the other is "Clickedy" by yours truly,  "S" toggles between those during the game). The pause toggle is "P", "Q" quits the game.

With this game, I mostly wanted to play around with the rhythm section of the OPL-2, with palette cycling and creating tiles and fonts (the block tiles and the font used for the score numbers) and creating (generating) aesthetic color schemes.

This second revision (16KiB version) adds a new soundtrack, MIDI support and some other goodies, thanks to the testers in the Vogons forums for the feedback!

Published 45 days ago
Tags16-bit, 386, adlib, DOS, lumines, ms-dos, opl-2, soundblaster, vga


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