A hommage to to classic DOS benchmarks and games, ray traced! (DOS/VESA/Mouse)
VGA/Sound Blaster arcade space shooter for DOS with keyboard and mouse controls. Written in a custom scripting language.
Retro 2x2 Block Puzzle. FM synthesis, 256 colors, widescreen. DOS, Win32, Android, iOS, Fire TV, Vita and Linux.
Makes you dizzy. Ported to DOS, Win9x, 3DS, NDS, PSP, Vita, PS1, PS2, GameCube, Wii and modern Windows.
Unofficial/fan-made ship skin editor for the 2007 PSP game WipEout Pulse; written in pure C and OpenGL 1.1
Circular Color Puzzle for Android, iOS, PS Vita, Wii and DOS; OpenGL ES 2.0 and C++, with accelerometer and more puzzles
No-screen, alt-controller physical party game for up to 7 players using PS Move Motion controllers, written in Python
Set-like game where you have to find 3 flowers out of 12. GL ES 2.0, C++11, shadow mapping, SDF text. And a helpful bee!
A portable game with blocks. Pure C++ without using any particular toolkit; also ported to 3DS and PS2 Homebrew
A five-lane love story, created for PyWeek 15; developed in PyGame/Python and later ported to OpenGL ES
Physical party game. 4 players, 20 controllers. Created at Nordic Game Jam 2012 using the PS Move API and PyGame.
Inverse duck hunt; also ported to 3DS with sensor and stereoscopic 3D support in 2016; + N900, Android and source code
A filling game in the style of Qix; originally for touchscreen devices, this game uses Qt 4 and QML for its UI/rendering
Harness gravity with your crayon and set about creating blocks, ramps, levers, pulleys.
My first DOS VGA mode 13h game, PC speaker sound, mouse input, multiplayer. Source code included.