VGA/Sound Blaster arcade space shooter for DOS with keyboard and mouse controls. Written in a custom scripting language.
Retro 2x2 Block Puzzle. FM synthesis, 256 colors, widescreen. DOS, Win32, Android, iOS, Fire TV, Vita and Linux.
A well-rounded game that makes you dizzy. DOS (EGA, VGA, Glide), Win9x (OpenGL, Glide), 3DS, Vita, Modern Windows.
Unofficial/fan-made ship skin editor for the 2007 PSP game WipEout Pulse; written in pure C and OpenGL 1.1
Circular Color Puzzle for Android, iOS, PS Vita and Wii; OpenGL ES 2.0 and C++, with accelerometer and more puzzles
Physical party game. 4 players, 20 controllers. Created at Nordic Game Jam 2012 using the PS Move API and PyGame.