A well-rounded game that makes you dizzy. DOS (EGA, VGA, Glide), Win9x (OpenGL, Glide), 3DS, Vita, Modern Windows.
Unofficial/fan-made ship skin editor for the 2007 PSP game WipEout Pulse; written in pure C and OpenGL 1.1
Retro Puzzle for DOS, 3DS, PSP, GBA, PSX, Android, NDS, Win32, N800, N900, N9, PocketCHIP, iOS, macOS, Vita and WebGL
Circular Color Puzzle for Android, iOS, PS Vita and Wii; OpenGL ES 2.0 and C++, with accelerometer and more puzzles
Set-like game where you have to find 3 flowers out of 12. GL ES 2.0, C++11, shadow mapping, SDF text. And a helpful bee!
A five-lane love story, created for PyWeek 15; developed in PyGame/Python and later ported to OpenGL ES