A downloadable homebrew

That Rabbit Game 3(DS) -- this is a 3DS-specific port of an old game of mine, kind of a "inverse duck hunt" where you have to move the flying rabbit head in front of the crosshairs and lose coins. I already had 3D rendering on an old version with anaglyph rendering for PCs and side-by-side stereoscopic 3D that some 3DTVs support. This feature has now been extended to work on the 3DS, adjustable with the 3D slider. The game also makes use of the accelerometer in the 3DS for movement, this was also a feature of an earlier version of the game for smartphones. And finally there are also some new sound effects.

Install instructions

ZIP file contains .3dsx and .smdh files -- put them on /3ds/trg_3ds/ on the SD card and launch via 3DS Homebrew Launcher.


trg_3ds.zip 1 MB
trg_3ds.cia 1 MB


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Its working